Self-Love Christmas Calendar 2021

Self-Love Christmas Calendar 2021

Lat year I decided to take matters into my own hands and turn December into THE month of self/love and appreciation by creating the basis for this Christmas calendar. Each day consisted of an activity which was Rona-adapted and the purpose of it was to give everyone a giant love-bomb every single day leading up to Christmas.

Some of the activities were simple, some a bit more challenging, but they left a lot of people with a warm feeling when looking back at December 2020. So I wanted to share this calendar with you once again, to spread love and remind you of the fact that you are the main character in your life.

Jesus, how American.

But here it is, the 2021 version of the calendar that I hope you will enjoy.

  • 1st of December : Today you will brew yourself a cup of tea or whatever cold drink you enjoy and get into your most comfortable stay-at-home-outfit. Light a candle. Or at least dim the light to get into the mood. Make a plan for what movies, TV shows or podcasts you would like to watch or listen to in the coming month and set time in your calendar for this. Why not share them in a WhatsApp group with your closest friends and you can watch them at the same time throughout the month ?
  • 2nd of December : Today you will order takeout from your favourite local place. Restaurants have struggled and even though things seem to be looking up, they still need our help. So if you have the financial means to do so, treat yourself to a special meal. And if you are swimming in cash, order your favourite dish and have it delivered to a friend without saying anything. Self-love is also about sharing what we have with people we love. 
  • 3rd of December : Look over photos that you have on your phone from 2021. I know the last two years have been shit in many ways, but choose 5 moments that you have captured that felt special. We all have them. Now, order them as prints. I will be using FRAMKALLA, my old workplace as they deliver quality as well as speedy delivery.
  • 4th of December : Bake something with a Christmas vibe which you have never baked before. Use Pinterest for inspiration. I will be baking this Saffron Ice Cream that I cannot wait for !  
  • 5th of December : Today you will wear your favourite outfit, regardless if you are just staying home and have nowhere to go. While you are at it, you are also going to wear a bright lipstick or if you are not a makeup person, an accessory of your choice. Or just lounge around in your undies, if this is what you are into.
  • 6th of December : Write your own Christmas cards, but instead of just the traditional ”Merry Christmas” , include a memory you share with the person. Send the cards.
  • 7th of December : STOP. Stop. Take a deep breath. Observe. Proceed. Try doing this in every moment you are about to do something today and see what comes to you in the moment of observation. 
  • 8th of December : Give your feet some true love after carrying you through 2021 . Soak them, file them, massage them, paint the nails if that is something which makes you feel good and really pay attention to the way your feet feel. Moisturise your feet with a rich cream, put on some socks and let your feet marinade overnight. 
  • 9th of December : Get the notebook out and answer the following question : In the last week, what have I learned about myself? Then text someone you love and ask them the same question. 
  • 10th of December : Buy yourself a new plant and carefully choose where in your space you want it to be. Assign a meaning to the plant that you need reminding of in the coming year ; I will be buying a type of ivy to climb up the window facing the sea in our living room to remind me to always look out on the ocean in the mornings when I get out of bed and feel grateful for the home we have built.
  • 11th of December : Make a feel-good playlist on Spotify and reflect over what is special about the songs you are choosing to add. Remember, self-love is the idea behind the playlist , so leave all the sad songs on your other playlists.  
  • 12th of December : It is Sunday and the third of advent. You’ve got the time to prepare a Christmas version of your müsli or overnight oats. I love the taste of saffron, so I will be making this saffron granola recipe for me to enjoy all of the coming mornings. 
  • 13th of December : Today it is time for your inner child to rule the day and for you to care for that Childs desires. What was your favourite thing to have for breakfast as a child? Did you used to sit in front of the TV wrapped in a blanket all day long? Did you enjoy running on the beach? Did you love building forts ? Paint? Do it all
  • 14th of December : Today you will plan your work so that you can finish one hour early to catch the daylight during your walk. Listen to your favourite music and just walk. If you happen to pass a coffee shop, treat yourself to a takeaway beverage of your choice. 
  • 15th of December : In the evening, once you’ve finished work, have a long shower where you wash your hair. Take the time to give yourself a good blow-out or style the hair the way you’d normally do when going to a party, but instead stay home and watch a film in bed with magical hair. With good hair-spray, you’ll wake up next morning with a sexy bounce in your hair. 
  • 16th of December : Today is the day you speak to yourself the way you would a friend and write down 5 things which you love about yourself. DO NOT BE HUMBLE. This is your time to shine, at least in your notebook. Or you share it with me so that I can remind you of it whenever you are in need of it.
  • 17th of December : Today you are opening your own SPA. Put this relaxing music on Spotify, apply a generous amount of your favourite face mask, get into a warm bath or shower and use luxurious body oils on your body. Leave your phone out of this : this is between you and your oils. Self-love has never smelled better. 
  • 18th of December : Choose a place in your city where you have not yet been (be it a restaurant, cafê, area etc) and walk there. Yes, chances are that it is freezing, but get yourself some warm clothes and a good audiobook or album on Spotify and simply walk. 
  • 19th of December : Make coffee, put it in a thermos, prepare your breakfast and pack it all up. Today you will be having your breakfast outside, regardless of weather. Warm clothes will keep you happy and food always tastes better when eaten outside, even in december. Self-love in a nutshell. 
  • 20th of December : Buy something you have wanted for a long time. If possible, check out marketplace or Tradera before you buy something new. 
  • 21st of December : It is Tuesday and you will prepare a full-on brunch for yourself and whoever you might live with. Do you love pancakes? Then pancakes it is! Fresh orange juice? Get squeezing! Celebrate the morning as if it were the weekend, Christmas is just around the corner , so give yourself this time.
  • 22nd of December : Ask yourself the following : What expectation have I been setting on someone else, that has been hurting me the most? Sit with the answer for a moment and then let the expectation go.
  • 23rd of December : Today is your second birthday and you will celebrate yourself and ask to be celebrated by your partner, family or closest friend. Single ? You will buy a balloon, bake or buy a cake and dress up and FaceTime friends. In a relationship? Breakfast in bed and flowers.
  • 24th of December : Have sex. With yourself, with someone else. I do not care how you do it – but DO IT 

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