Bye Sweden. Hello Rio de Janeiro !

Rio de Janeiro

All It took for us to buy the tickets to Rio de Janeiro about 4 weeks ago was a miserable Monday where we both just realised that life is too short and Sweden in November quite frankly, SUCKS. It is dark and miserable and for so long we have told ourselves that we will do everything we can not to have to be around for it.

We booked our tickets through KLM ; Copenhagen – Amsterdam – Rio de Janeiro with a total travel time of 16 hours. Honestly, the 12 hour flight from Ams to Rio was tough, I had forgotten how incredibly long 12 hours feels. We both laughed when we realised that only 2,5 hours had passed when we began feeling restless and were convinced at least 6 hours had gone.

But obviously this was all worth it the second we touched down in “Cidade Maravilhosa” , left the airplane and had a smooth passport control. My Brazilian passport expired in 2015 and although I am ashamed to write this, I have not gotten around to renewing it. Having changed names since getting married, country of residence etc the Brazilian embassy sure do not make it easy to sort it out, but hey – should probably have sorted it out regardless since 2015.

Probably. Definitely.

Now we are here, the first thing we did before jumping into our car and head into the city , was buy a box of Pao de Queijo and a can of Guarana . If you are ever in Brazil or happen to walk past a Brazilian shop, GO IN and eat this delicious gluten-free snack.

I cannot even begin to explain how grateful I am to finally post-covid be able to spend time in my favourite city again, but not importantly getting to share this experience with my husband who has never been here before. Needless to say, he has fallen in love with this magical place.


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