Longest year of my life.

And it is February.

Unlike what the photo above is trying to fool you into believing,  it is currently minus 12 degrees and I don’t think I have experienced such a cold winter in Sweden ever since moving here in 2015. Scorching hot summers, yes (never forget summer of 2018, the year I got married and we were all dehydrated and well, warm – duh), but freezing winter where on could ice-skate on lakes?


But here we are, the pandemic is still running riot and I’m sitting in my parents countryside retreat by the fire, dog by my legs and typing away on what should really be my essay on domestic violence, power, gender and etnicity ( you know, this minor topics) which is due in a couple of days. Instead I am here, doing something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time now : sort out my own domain and get back to writing.  You know, the kind of writing which isn’t academic, graded or serves any other purpose but to pollute the internet with the things going on in my head.

Or maybe in some way it could possibly even happen to maybe inspire someone. Or just be shared in an act of mockery. Who knows, and who cares?

Well, obviously I do. This is my corner on the internet and I will be sharing the good, the inspiring, the bad, the not so inspiring, the pretty and finally the not so pretty parts of life. Mainly I am doing this so that I will remember all the stuff I got up to in my late 20s.


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